Moncton, New Brunswick

The Moncton Hospital is a leader in health care delivery and health promotion. Patients receive services in their language of choice: French or English. The hospital is known for specialty services in critical care that include: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Coronary Intensive Care Unit; Provincial Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit; Burn Unit; and the city's only ambulance service.

The Internal Medicine Program provides all levels of care to the communities serviced by South-East Regional Health Authority and referrals from outlying areas including northern Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. The program strives to provide a continuum of services to meet the patient's holistic needs, including education and care once he or she is discharged from the hospital.

Service specialties for the Internal Medicine Program include cardiology (heart), dermatology (skin), endocrinology (hormones), gastroenterology (digestive system), hematology (blood), infectious diseases (infection), oncology (cancer), respirology (lungs) and rheumatology (joints). Approximately 3,300 inpatients are admitted to the Internal Medicine Program each year.

Residents will participate in the following rotation:


Neurology is the branch of medicine concerned with the evaluation and treatment of the medical disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system which in turn involves the incorporation of diagnostic tests notably ectroencephalography, nerve conduction studies and electromyography along with utilization of diagnostic imaging studies.

Upon successfully completing a core rotation, the resident is expected to exhibit basic competence in eliciting a clinical history and performing special physical examination techniques. Proficiency in some essential procedural skills is required.