Medical Education Office

Medical Education, 3DS
400 University Avenue
Saint John, NB, E2L 4L2
Phone: (506) 648-6370
Fax: (506) 648-6833

The Medical Education Department is designated the Saint John Campus of Dalhousie University, and is recognized as the centre for specialty training in the province. Saint John is one of the three sites in New Brunswick providing Internal Medicine and family medicine training for medical residents in the Internal and Family Medicine Residency Training Programs. There are fifteen designated teaching programs with over 180 medical staff carrying teaching appointments with the Faculty of Medicine from the rank of Lecturer through to Professor.

The Medical Education Department is the administrative arm of the program and provides the infrastructure for the development as well as the organization of Royal College and Family Medicine Integrated Residency training program and Undergraduate Medical Education.

More than 500 4-week blocks of training are provided to approximately 170 residents from Dalhousie University’s Family Medicine and Royal College programs during each academic year. Saint John also provides undergraduate rotations to Dalhousie and MUN clerks, as well as elective rotations to Canadian and International clerks. This results in approximately 70 learners on site in Saint John in any given month.

The Saint John Campus has consistently met the national accreditation standards. It is the goal of faculty to provide the trainee with a learning experience that will instil a desire to continue learning more efficient, confident and positive approaches in diagnoses and management of patient care. Both students and faculty supply the site with significant education, research and clinical expertise. The influence of education, research and a sense of inquiry becomes a push to continuing education, monitoring of quality control and effective utilization. The Saint John Campus is, in effect, a small university, designed to meet the health care needs of the citizens of New Brunswick.